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The Paul Lynde Show

Starting in the show’s sixth week, the contestant had to make a judgment on the star’s answer to one final Secret Square-style question in order to win the prize. Failure to do so in the first season won a consolation prize of $2,500 in cash; this, however, was reinstated during the show’s theme weeks in Seasons 2 & 3. For at least the first few months, there were two Secret Square games; the first in Game 2, and the second in Game 3. After the first two weeks, should the Secret Square’s prize not be won in the second game, it carried over into the third game. By Season 2, only one Secret Square game was played each day, but it did revive the progressive prize filled jackpot featured in the daytime version of the original.

He sometimes blamed his sexuality for keeping him from better roles, but it also may have been his reputation as a mean and occasionally violent alcoholic. He managed to quit drinking at the age of 53, but died of a heart attack two years later. The contestant then had 60 seconds (coined as “the fastest 60 seconds on television” by Bergeron) to answer as many of 10 questions himself/herself as possible for the value inside the envelope. The star partner could help by conferring, but only the contestant could answer. When time expired or all 10 questions had been played , Bergeron gave the category to a final question, and the contestant decided whether or not to answer that question in a “Double or Nothing” fashion, for a possible top prize of $100,000.

Parks Versionedit

In 1966, Lynde made his first appearance on the new gameshow Hollywood Squares. His snarky one-liners were so popular, he became the regular center square for most of the show’s run. Throughout his career, Lynde’s humor was built on camp and a flamboyant persona; during Hollywood Squares, his jokes were often thinly veiled references to his own homosexuality. But although he made subversive gay humor palatable for American homes, he never actually came out, except to close friends.

The scoring format from the first five seasons was used during theme weeks where certain groups of people played. In addition, the “Secret Square Stash” was discontinued, allowing different prizes to be played for in each match, regardless of whether the previous match’s prize was won or not .

Also, the world’s fastest talker John Moschitta became the new announcer with first announcer Shadoe Stevens being the sub announcer during the second Game Show Week. American comedian, character actor, and Hollywood center square. He began his career doing stand-up before moving into theater, where he got his biggest break playing the father in the musical Bye Bye Birdie. He reprised the role in the film adaptation to great success. From there, he was sought after to make appearances on television and variety shows including The Munsters, I Dream of Jeannie, and most notably in the role of Uncle Arthur on Bewitched.