It may instead of sinking further still masters in practices that do have that too since they marked the have suffered as pupils and students, and "learned" at the Ecole Normale.

This is like saying that the young fitter to make do better in his profession again if he did his apprenticeship with a craftsman. It artisans that give the learner a fund at once technical and human is like a precious culture, for future trades. This is unfortunately not the case for the traditional school that prepares nothing accession to modern methods. It may instead of sinking further still masters in practices that do have that too since they marked the have suffered as pupils and students, and “learned” at the Ecole Normale. not an error is not released by practicing but realizing that it is error and making a heroic effort to leak out. No, get out of the traditional methods as soon as you can. The earliest would be best. Do not wait because it will be too late. You will be caught up in tradition and routine that you can not identify you. But do not give what is to go on an adventure in pursuit of a few myths. Do experimentally so that your children do not suffer too much of your unavoidable groping. Learn, get in touch with our departmental groups in France, with our branches in neighboring countries, visit schools working according to our techniques, participate in internships. Then choose from our range of techniques, those in which you can best succeed without hazards. We give you a progressive list without that we hold this progression as intangible. We also do not indicate the pace. You can engage fully, gradually, during the first year, or extend the evolution over several years – free texts with operations in hunting words and grammar. – limographie school newspaper, requiring the purchase and use of limographe – interschool correspondence, – drawing and painting, – printing at school – school cooperation, – conferences, – work plans – living calculation – workshops work – tape recorder – patents. For details of these techniques see the various books of our collection: Library of Modern School. Do not be afraid if necessary, to plug some holes, to resort to traditional practices. Make if necessary some history or science lessons to “see” the program, knowing beforehand what you can expect. Operate at the approach of the review, a slight cramming, you know in advance what it will be worth, The bottom line is that you do not be fooled, and do not try to fool your students. Tell them frankly to the certificate of study, he must know this or that, even if you forget after the exam. But we need you to succeed in the exam, and among the first to defend the reputation of Modern School. And you will have an excellent proportion of receipts. You will – it is common today – the first writing and dictation, often the first in science and history, because you have studied intelligently read also because your children will read not in anonnant but as read all those who understand and feel. What counts for us is not the success faster or slower of our techniques, but the necessary progress of the People’s School we prepare and we serve. C. FREINET Author Freinet Print
In: The Educator CEL For teachers review teaching techniques> free text November 1962 Some comrades startled: Text free “free”! What is this new? Any free text is not it by definition free, since it is enshrined in its constitution? Obviously, we can tackle, rightly caricatures of free text, t.l with topics, fees imposed dimensions, but it does not concern me; I, in my class, I am calm, I am free text. Nay! I also believed to have introduced the free text in my class. And it took me long to understand that in reality it was the slave text. – Slave? – Yes, enslaved to poor classroom atmosphere, to narrow the master designs, its limitations, its lack of generosity, his diminishing homework help
response. I have long believed that the free text, it was: – Write what you want! But without realizing it, it was: – Write a text so that the master happy. It’s to do terribly careful: children have a great plasticity, they feel wonderfully through the fads and the gentleman and give what the teacher expects of them. But doing this, they do not give what they could expect for themselves. Here, a free: there was in me a corresponding concern. I knew happy to have won a school in the sea and I did not want to disappoint them. And I rouspetais inwardly when my small farmers living a kilometer from the coast, did not give me, like all children from six to eight years, the texts of cats and dogs. So placing me the sacrosanct viewpoint of the acquisition of knowledge, I explained what I expected of them. And I had text on the sea, genuine texts, sometimes deep. But they were written to the master, they were born of a contraction, not a liberation of the spirit. It was not free texts, free. – Yet you say, the master had the right to think of the corresponding! Yeah, he thought of their master, which was very different. This was to be a master at acquiring too. And who had the prefabricated part of Britain: industrial fishing, Guilvinec, Concarneau, Loctuduy and fish oceans. But here, it’s hardly there are five small fishing boats. In the words of Louis the Vot: – We, the kingfisher is not fishing we do here is the itches. ” But try telling that to a guy of Burgundy has a Britain, there holds, we must give him. So teachers and students no longer dream of that generally their particular disappears. Hey, we have obligations! Unfortunately, the very young would tend to make fun of the general. So we have to make them walk right. Then: Farewell, farewell my houses, my dog ??Farewell My robins All my birds of the world My paths all off. (PV Corre 8 years) Must reign in our class: The sea, the sea, the sea trawlers, sardine Great fishing etc … After all it is not so bad: one can dream since n do not exist. The dreams … But this teacher mania was not my only limitation. And I understood only by reading the “joy Guard.” I had a few children of this trend “inexhaustible”, but I must say in all honesty, they frightened me. This verbal deluge logorrhee this terrified me. I did not know how to curb the fury of the waves. Also, in the first twelfth of the tide, I hastened to close the valve. Otherwise, the child drew me in a fantasy world and I no longer followed, I lost foot, I was riding in the clouds of his imagination. And I, the Schoolmaster, I did not like this uncomfortable situation where my dignity had lost its vertical position. Now I see clearer: I know that the vortex is wisely ordered, that can be read between sentences, there are constants, leitmotif. I also know that the master can achieve quite easily, despite its shortcomings, to draw a sketch of increasingly accurate, the disruptive element of the affected children. So now I open the valve. And the sea may come to spread its large full you in the Gulf. Like a raging torrent at the beginning; and then it subsides. And when the spring tide occurred, the ocean can rest his feat, for six months. And dreams! Do not you afraid of dreams? I wanted an eclectic newspaper, where humor, tenderness, documentary, imaginary were balanced. Hey there! slowly ! Stop dreams! One is enough for this month. And then the dreams !!! It gets stuck in dreams; it’s too easy, it’s anything. So try to be a bit serious. Our noble task she is not to put the child as soon as possible, in touch with reality. So the dreams !!! must leave it to the dreamers and have a little more down to earth. Now I know that psychologists do not engluent it and they find, immediately, farms land, islands emerging, fixed ideas.