Google Web Web Web Sites Review: Pros & Negatives of Using Google’s Site Builder

Google Web Web Web Sites Review: Pros & Negatives of Using Google’s Site Builder

April 3, 2019 By Nate Shivar

Bing web web Sites is Google’s free site builder computer computer software so it provides included in the G Suite of Drive, e-mail, Hangouts, etc.

internet Sites has not been very publicized like its other services and products. I’ve always considered internet web web Sites within the bucket of items like Drawing, Blogger, and Correlate that sort of come as an element of other, well-known products but they are otherwise forgotten about…yet nevertheless awesome in their own personal means.

I’ve written about Google’s Domains item and Blogger – but have not viewed Bing web web Sites especially.

Google Sites to my experience began straight straight right straight back whenever I first began my website design business many years ago. We never used Google internet internet Sites for my very own jobs until i ran across it whenever a customer of mine had been deploying it and required a couple of tasks done.

But ever since then, better competition has popped up from Wix, Squarespace, Weebly,, Internet site Creator, along with other internet site builders. And Bing has upgraded the merchandise we initially utilized. They’ve streamlined it making it supposedly the way that is“effortless produce stunning web web sites.”

Therefore for an individual task of mine, I made the decision to test it down once again and find out whom the merchandise would actually be described as a good fit for – and not soleley compare it with other hosted site builders.

We additionally desired to compare Bing web web web web Sites with other site solutions like hosting your own personal internet site or utilizing a hosted e-commerce platform.

Disclosure – I receive client referral charges from organizations mentioned about this web site. All information & viewpoints are derived from my expert experience being a spending consumer or consultant up to a customer that is paying.

New Google Sites vs. Classic Bing Sites vs. Bing My Business Website

Google is notorious for rolling down overlapping & contending with regards to products that are own simply to kill or update them after a few years.

And Bing web web Sites isn’t any various. Whenever talking about Google’s site builder item, you will find actually up to 4 services and products in play.

Ok – Blogger is an old-school but nonetheless blogging platform that is surprisingly good. A website can be created by you along with it. You certainly can do designs, templates, and the rest. It’s free. But – you may be stuck using the display that is reverse-chronological of. We won’t actually be addressing this right right right here. A Blogger was written by me review right here.

2. Bing My Company Website

This will be Google’s site product for little, regional companies. You can’t put it to use unless you have got a Bing the Business account. The merchandise is less of the “website builder” when compared to a super-detailed business listing that is local. We won’t actually be addressing this right right right here. You are able to read a great faq of this item right right right here.

3. Timeless Bing Web Sites

This is actually the product which we began with many years ago. It nevertheless lives at – also it’s distinctly old college.

You will find links to it throughout Bing web web Sites.

The ironic bit about Vintage Google Sites is that it really has more technical choices than Bing Sites…even when it is less user-friendly.

All of the pros/negatives of Timeless Sites are exactly the same as Bing web web Sites. But I would personally maybe perhaps maybe not contemplate it for a long-lasting task since Google will probably destroy it any time now if their history is almost anything to pass.

4. Google Website Design Company

This system just isn’t related at all – despite its title.

Google website design company is just a desktop software to generate designs for the online (aka advertising advertisements).

5. New Bing Internet Web Internet Sites (free)

Ok – this is exactly what we’re going to share. That is Google’s primary internet site builder pc software. It’s readily available for you aren’t A bing Account. It not merely lives on Bing Drive – however it is marketed with Sheets, Docs, Drawings and much more.

6. Brand Brand Brand New Bing Web Web Sites (G Suite)

Ok – this software is just like the free Bing websites, except that it’s designed for business readers into the G Suite (the old Bing Apps for company). It really is a similar whilst the free Bing web web Sites, but has various account permissions and generally gets product upgrades – like custom domain mapping – sooner than the version that is free.

Let’s look at the advantages & negatives.

Benefits of Bing Web Web Sites

Bing web web web Sites has lot choosing it. I’m sure an e commerce store owner whom began and ran her shop for just two years though it took a lot of hacking around with PayPal scripts) before she began to look for a new solution (. Here you will find the major advantages.

Bing web Sites is free with limitless usage, traffic, and web sites. It is probably the most compelling section of Bing web web web Sites.

It’s section of Google’s relentless push to keep you finalized into your Google account for whenever you can. You can head to if you’re finalized to your individual Google account at this time and begin. There are not any dangers, no upsells, no termination times or restrictions. It is simply free because of Google’s crazy business model that is innovative.

And when you’re A g that is paying suite company user, web web web Sites is bundled together with your membership along with the backups, administrative settings, and guarantees that include your bank account.

There’s no dangers with no catch and no” that is“trying it is possible to get get started now.*

*of program – there clearly was some time and curve that is learning – which we’ll discuss within the negatives part.

Bing Integration

Web internet Sites is completely incorporated with Google’s items. With all the brand brand brand brand new Bing web Sites, it also has most of the exact same Material Design conventions of Google’s other services and products.

Your website is conserved straight in your Bing Drive. You have access to it anywhere with any unit. You can install it with your other information from Bing Takeout.

There aren’t any extra passwords or account setup – it is seamless and completely incorporated.

Simplicity & Safety

Bing web Sites is straightforward and simple to utilize.

The educational bend is calculated in moments. There’s no“onboarding that is real or education because precisely what can be obtained because of the item is “right here.”

You can easily build a multi-page breathtaking, practical internet site quickly and just.

Furthermore, Bing handles your safety issues…since it really is one while the identical to your e-mail account.

Speed & Sharing

Like safety, Bing handles your speed considerations. The resulting HTML / CSS product is slim on quick servers and worldwide that is available.

As it is completely incorporated along with your Bing Account – it is easy to fairly share & preview. You are able to produce & collaborate on a site since easily as you’re able for A bing Doc.

Negatives of Bing Web Web Web Sites

Now – there are lots of negatives with Bing web web Sites. Like I’ve stated along with internet site builders – there is absolutely no overall “best” – there’s only the greatest for your needs considering your financial allowance, time, resources, and objectives.

After reading the good qualities of Bing Sites – you might be most likely wondering exactly just exactly how Bing web web web Sites is not the solution that is go-to every site.

Well, Bing Sites has loads of negatives. Nevertheless the summary is the fact that Bing web web Sites is quite feature-limited rather than actually intended for long-lasting projects that are websiteergo the convenience).

I love to make use of estate that is real an analogy. Then Google Sites is like leasing a table at a farmer’s market or festival if running your own website on your own hosting account is like owning a building on your own property and using a website builder like Weebly is like running a business in a leased storefront.

It’s great for short-term, fast tasks. And you also do have a lot of options to “make it yours” – but it is certainly not intended for a long-lasting company internet site. Let’s look at a few of the particulars.

Limited Design Services

Bing Sites’ design features are sorely restricted.

Your template limits just what you’ll and cannot edit. And – you have got not many templates to pick from into the beginning.

You can not include or modify CSS and include any type or types of interactivity.

The look features being offered are simple and easy that is straightforward they’ve been all Google Drive related design tools. There’s some embedding but no modifying the details that are embed.

Even though the templates look good, you can’t modify the designs or some of the core parameters.

As an example, together with your navigation menu, you’re able to select from the top right or the sidebar…and that is it. There’s no 3rd option and even re-arranging.

The templates look good on all devices but enforce strict limits on everything to help make this function take place.

Then you’ll be sorely limited with Google Sites if you want to build any sort of brand identity or build a custom design with tempates.

Limited Advertising Features

Bing Sites’ marketing features are sorely restricted too. This negative is particularly glaring as a professional marketer.

You obtain Bing Analytics access to be able to have critical information like Sessions and Pageviews and such…but that’s about any of it.

There’s no adding a Facebook Pixel, Share Buttons or Redirects. If you’re into Search Engine Optimization, there’s no modifying your Title label or meta description.

Now – in the event that you have all of your traffic from offline techniques, direct internet recommendations, or person to person then these tools might not make a difference.

Nevertheless, since advertising information is just because helpful as the actual quantity of historic information you have actually – should you ever have plans to develop or make use of other advertising stations, then Bing websites will never be an excellent choice.

Personalized Domain Setup

All Bing Web Sites utilize while the standard website name. Unlike Classic Bing Sites, there’s absolutely no choice to add a domain name that is custom.

We don’t understand why. The function may be coming since Bing rolled down customized domain names into the brand brand new Bing internet web web Sites for G Suite members.

In either case – it is an important disadvantage for Google web web web Sites as a company if not a website that is personal. Whilst not strictly required for a fruitful internet site, a domain title is fundamental for just about any long-lasting task.

It’s this lacking function that really highlights the very fact that Bing web web Sites is truly just for temporary tasks or internal uses – comparable to A bing Doc or Presentation.


Bing is notorious for killing off items – including ones that are really popular. Even though Bing web web Sites does appear to be a core element of Google’s efficiency suite…that could change at any time ( as it is the actual situation with all the Classic Bing Sites).

And even though you are able to export your computer data as an element of Google’s Takeout program, there’s no solution to export or access directly your bank account via FTP within Bing web web web Sites.

If you should be in operation and even an individual website on Bing websites, you should know so it could disappear completely at some time in the foreseeable future and you ought to have an agenda for that.

Bing Web Web Sites Comparison

Bing web web Sites is just a good product that serves a purpose – but how exactly does it compare straight along with other items within the website builder globe?

Bing Web Sites vs. Squarespace

I reviewed Squarespace here. Then Google Sites will be the fit if you have a small, temporary project. Squarespace is expensive and has now its very own learning bend. But – when you have a long-lasting company or individual task and you also value well-done templates that show top-quality photography, then Squarespace will undoubtedly be a significantly better fit.

Google Sites vs. Wix

We reviewed Wix right here. Wix features a free plan where you employ a domain name – so in some real means it is comparable to Bing web web Sites. However with Wix, you have got premium plans and use of custom domain names. Additionally they provide more features to their free plan. Wix has comparable dilemmas to many other site builders, but unless you’re building a really little free task, then I’d choose Wix. Unlike Bing web web web web Sites, Wix at the least enables you to design more and develop out from the plan that is free. See Wix’s plans & prices right right right here.

Bing Sites vs. GoDaddy’s Internet Site Builder

We reviewed GoDaddy’s site Builder (aka “GoCentral) right right here. It is extremely feature restricted in comparison to Bing Sites…but it is additionally a breeze to utilize with some more advertising tools. Critically, you are allowed by it to seamlessly incorporate a customized domain. Nonetheless, it is additionally a compensated item. When you yourself have some spending plan and wish a customized domain, but don’t want/need many features – then I’d use GoDaddy’s Website Builder. For a price that is free – you’ll obtain a similar item with Bing web web web Sites.

Bing Web Sites vs. Weebly

We reviewed Weebly right right here. Weebly is a solid hosted internet site builder. They will have a domain name – nonetheless they also have update choices and domain that is custom choices and interesting beginner-level e-commerce choices. Until you have actually a particular explanation to utilize Bing web web Sites, I’d usage Weebly due to their drag & drop and setup that is upgradeable.

Bing Web Web Web Sites vs.

We had written about vs. WordPress right right here. has a free plan that is limited to domain name. The setup is focused on blog posting – nevertheless they have site features & lots of update choices – including a customized domain option. Until you have reason that is specific utilize Google web web web Sites, I’d usage due to their design features and upgradeable setup.

Bing Sites vs. Self-hosted WordPress

We composed about starting a WordPress web site right right right here. This program calls for some spending plan (about $5/mo) and it has some curve that is learning however it’s additionally the most effective long-lasting choice for organizations spending within their online presence. When you have easy, short-term task with a certain end then I’d simply utilize Bing websites. Once you learn you have long-lasting task, then you’ll want to buy the educational bend and go right ahead and create your very own website all on your own hosting.

Conclusion & Next Procedures

So – is Bing web web Sites advantageous to small company? Yes…ish. As a precise short-term solution or project-based solution, it is great. Get put up your internet site right right right here.

But…if you have got a project that is short-term might expand, then I’d look at other choices. Just simply just just Take my most readily useful web site builder test here.

Then i’d go ahead and get your self-hosted website setup w/ instructions here if you have a project that is long-term and worth investing in.